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Questions about Aspose.Pdf


I am useing Aspose PDF for a client ASP.NET application.
I have two questions for which I could not get an answer in the api help or the pdf forum.

1. Is it possible to detect a new page event in when I create a PDF doc. In this way I can include e.g. a logo picture and some text on every new page. The header gives only one line of text.

2. Do you know if it is possible to create a pdfDoc email attachment without save the doc to a file?

Further more is it possible to upgrade from AsposePdf to AsposeReport? And what will the pricing be?

Thanks for your attention.

Frans van Luit

Dear Frans,

Thanks for your consideration.

I just reply on how to upgrade Aspose.Pdf to Aspose.Report. The rest will be replied by Tommy shortly.

As Aspose.Pdf is a member of Aspose.Report, if you purchase Aspose.Pdf first then want to upgrade to Aspose.Report, you just need to pay the difference between Aspose.Pdf and Aspose.Report.

Dear Frans,

Thanks for your consideration.

1. New page event is not supported. You can place your logo picture in the page header. Image and graph is supported in header.

2. Creating email attachment is not supported directly. But you can save the document to a stream and create the attachment by yourself.