Questions about ASPOSE word


I was recommended here by a fellow on the MSDN Newsgroups.

What we’re looking for is a solution that will enable us to allow
customers to Upload word documents to our server where we will extract
all the information and store it as HTML (as good or better than the
“Save as HTML” option is in word).

We have some concerns though.

Most of the documents that are uploaded are confidential, and thus
contain read-only flags, password flags , Macros, Embeded objects etc.

How does ASPOSE Word handle these? We don’t want any malicious scripts
ran on our Live Servers so we can’t afford to have any Macro’s run
inside word. Embeded objects need to be printed like an image.

Currently, with the way we’re doing it, if the Word Doc has a password
/ REad only (basically if it pops something up), Word will hang and
we’ll have to shut it down manually. Most of these documents are
confidential so we can’t ask users to take their permissions off. How
does ASPOSE Word work with this?

If you can help with some of these questions it’d be great,

Ryan Ternier.


Hi Ryan,

1. With Aspose.Word you can save a document as HTML, but not all Word document features will be exported. Most notably, drawing objects (shapes) will not be exported, but for a detailed list see

2. I think most of the embedded objects in a Word document contain a preview picture and that picture will be exported. I'm pretty sure we have it working in our tests. In any case, if a preview picture is available, we can make Aspose.Word to extract it and save, but if it is not available, only the embedded object can draw the picture of itself and Aspose.Word never launches embedded objects.

3. Aspose.Word never executes macros or VBA projects because it has no engine to run them so it is safe to open documents with macros in Aspose.Word. If you save such a document as HTML, all macros will be completely stripped from the document.

4. To open a protected document you don't need a password for Aspose.Word. Again, if you save such a document as HTML it will strip the document protection.

5. Encrypted documents are not yet supported, but we are working on this feature right now, could be available in the next few weeks. We plan a password to decrypt a document will normally be required (supplied to the open method), but we might also implement a utility function to recover a lost encrpyption password.