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Questions about features supported?

We have been looking at your web site and have some questions about Aspose.Excel

1. Does it support named cell references across worksheets. For example can we reference a cell like this ‘worksheetname’!namedcell we need to be able to do this in our calculations so that one sheet does not have to know the cells row and column in order to pull a value from it.

2. Does it support the Excel LOOKUP function?

-Geff Purcell

Dear Geff,

Thanks for your consideration.

1. Yes. Aspose.Excel supports named cell references. Please see the api reference.

2. Now Aspose.Excel support LOOKUP function in designer file. That means, if you set a formula in an Excel file, Aspose.Excel can import it and export it. If you want to use Cell.Formula to set LOOKUP function by code, please wait for about one week. In next hot fix, I will add this feature. Now thanks for your patience.

Please download our full function evaluation copy here and have a try.

Thank you for the quick reply.

We would be setting the formula with the LOOKUP in the designer. So what you are saying is the current version will work if we set the formulas in the designer, but we can not set the formula with the LOOKUP function in code until you make a change for it in the next hot fix?

Thanks again for your quick replies


Yes, you are right.

Please download Aspose.Excel and have a try.

Dear Geff,

Please download Hotfix 1.8.1. The LOOKUP function is supported.