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Questions about Performance

Dear Aspose-Team
We’re having some performance issues when converting Word 2003 files to PDF with Aspose.Words for Java 14.9.
List of files to convert:

  • A) Original, many tables and graphics, 36 pages (Size: 3473 kb)
  • B) just the graphics (as PNG) of file A), 8 pages (2947 kb)
  • C) just the graphics (as JPG) of file A), 8 pages (1524 kb)
  • D) Same as A), but without the graphics, 35 pages (1215 kb)
  • E) Different file with 3 large PNG graphics, 3 pages (1133 kb)

Unfortunately it’s a confidential file, so I can’t upload it here.
List of available Servers where conversion is done:

    1. Windows Server 2012R2, 4 Cores, 6GB RAM
    1. Windows Server 2012, 4Cores, 16GB RAM
    1. Windows Server 2012R2, 4 Cores, 16GB RAM
    1. Windows Server 2012R2, 8 Cores, 32GB RAM

Time to convert Word files to PDF, depending on Server:

  • File A): 17-24 sec
  • File B): 16-22 sec
  • File C): 1-2 sec
  • File D): 2-3 sec
  • File E): 1-2 sec

There are no conversion parameters set, so we’re using the standard options.

  1. Why is there such a huge difference in converting time between File C) and B), even tough B) is only double in size?
  2. Is there any reference / guide on how to optimize performance?
    E.g. what are the parameters hat can be set (reducing size/quality of pictures), how does more RAM affect the conversion, etc.


Hi Alexander,
Can you please also check with the latest version (i.e. 15.5.0) and share your input documents if the problem persists? We will have to investigate your documents for difference in performance.
As far as privacy of the documents is concerned, you can mark your post as private because no one other than you and Aspose staff will be able to see your post. Attachments are also not accessible to anyone other than you and Aspose staff.
If you still feel insecure in uploading the files to forums, you can follow the instructions given at https://forum.aspose.com/t/aspose-words-faq/2711 to send your documents.
Best Regards,

Hi Muhammad

In the mean time, we updated our library to 15.5.0, but the speed of converting remained the same.

We did some testing with different hardware (e.g. RAM sizes from 256M to 4G) but differences were less than 5%.

I’ll attach some documents* for which performance was too poor to be accepted by our customer. Because of this performance problem they stopped go-live on Wednesday, 24th of June.
Both for our customer (3 500 users) and us that was a disaster.

As we are a few weeks before the renewal of our license, if the performance can’t be enhanced, it will not be extended and we’ll need to move to a different library we’re already looking into.

The attached documents take up to 2 minutes and more to convert. Please advise on how to improve performance and/or explain what part of the process (e.g. rendering fonts, integrating images, etc.) takes such a long time. We need to report to our customer in the next days.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail if you need more information.

With kind regards
Isa Rohner, Head of Infrastructure
Thomas Ineichen, Head of Support
Uptime Services AG

  • There is a document with the size of about 50M that always generates an Error (“404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”). Please advise on how to upload big files.

Yesterday we sent a further incident of uptime Services AG. It’s really urgent, because we need to inform our customer how to continue. A support incident is open in Visio (
As already mentioned, go live has stopped of our customer. We urgently need a solution. Also pending the renewal of the license. Please register at us today. We are dependent on answer and solution proposals. https://forum.aspose.com/t/6430
If you solve this problems we will register the new licence and we can talk about support options.
In addition we have switched from another provider (case), since your product sounded promising. We want to employ ASPOSE at other customers but in these circumstances it is currently unthinkable.
Kind regards
Isabelle Rohner, Head of Infrastructure
Uptime Services AG

Hi Isabelle,
We are investigating your documents and the issues you have raised and will update you soon.
Best Regards,

Hi Isa,
As far as Aspose.Diagram related issues are concerned, they have already been resolved and the fixed release will be published in a week or two as shared by my colleague.
Attached Word document takes less than 7 seconds at my end using the latest version of Aspose.Words for Java and attached PowerPoint file takes 47 seconds at my end using the latest version of Aspose.Slides. We are investigating if this can be further improved.
Can you please share your Java version and your application which took 2 minutes at your end to convert these files?
Forums allow up to 10 MB attachments. You can upload larger files to a third party storage and share the link. Files can be deleted once we download them.
Best Regards,

Hi Isa,
In addition to my previous comments, attached PowerPoint document took 22 seconds on Windows 7 with JDK 1.7 and 8GB RAM.
Best Regards,

Hi Muhammad

I managed to upload two further files to our ftp-server:


username: usftp
password: Brauerstrasse8004

Can you please convert them and tell me the time it took?

Conversion at our side is done on a virtual vSphere machine with 2 CPUs with two cores each (=> 4 cores in total) and 16 GB RAM. It’s running on Windows Server 2012R2 and Java 7.

As written before, we would also be happy with hints on what (systemwise) can influence performance, e.g. why did it take 47 seconds on one of your machines and 22 on another one?

  • RAM?
  • Cores/GHz?
  • Java-Version?
  • Memory allocated to Java?
  • Options in Java-Code when calling the Aspose-Functions, e.g. don’t convert images, safe file as PDF/A, etc?
  • …?


Dear Muhammad

Can you please test the documents you got from Thomas urgently. We are in a hurry to inform our customer. Wee need this information in the next 45 min. Then we have to contact our customer.

I’ll hope you understand in which situation we are. We risk to lose this project.
Thanks, and best Regards

Hi Thomas,
We are investigating your documents and will update you soon.
As far as previous tests are concerned, hardware configuration and Java versions were same on both machines. The only differences were operating system (Windows Server 2012 and Windows 7) and Java heap size.
Time was reduced after increasing Java heap size.
Best Regards,

Hi Thomas,
Non of your Word files take more than 8 seconds using latest version (Aspose.Words for Java 15.7.0) at my end whether I use Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012. The Word file shared in this post https://forum.aspose.com/t/44572 takes 7-8 seconds on both systems and XLS was throwing exception.
Can you please share if you were able to load this file at your end or have you shared the correct file because it is neither XLS/XLSX file nor a CSV file?


Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells.

Please download and try the latest fix: Aspose.Cells
for Java v8.6.0.4
and it should fix your issue.

Let us know your feedback.