Questions about your product suite



I work for an online web agency and we are interested in your product but have a few questions.

We have a client that has a requirement for us to extend their intranet by providing an area for document management. One particular requirement is to allow staff to create their own word, excel and powerpoint templates that will allow them to create new files, fill them up with content (with a set of fields defined by the member of staff) and update the content all through ASP.NET web forms.

Does your product suite provide this level of functionality?

Please get back to me as soon as possible, I will be doing a lot of research into similar products tomorrow (Thursday), and will be making a decision on one soon.

Also your ordering page was broken, because of which I was unable to find the range of prices for your products. Can you please send these to me?


- Rob


Dear Rob,

Yes, you can open template presentations with Aspose.PowerPoint,
update content and save it as new presentation.

Ordering page is ok, please check again.
And contact our sales for details.


Thanks for your response. Just to clarify, how easy would it be for member of staff (non techy) to create their own template in powerpoint / word / excel that would be in a format that is suitable for code developed with your API to analyse and to generate an ASP.NET web form allowing other users to create and update documents?

I guess I am asking if you have any clients that do a similar thing, if so, can you show me an example / code snippets?



Please check our demos.

The most suitable demos for you are:
Aspose.PowerPoint.Template (the most simple)
Aspose.PowerPoint.PptBrowser (generate presentations from template and data in xml format and allow to view it in browser)
Aspose.PowerPoint.Northwind (sources of this demo you can get separately on download page)