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"Unexpected Error" when I try to download old version

We have a web application that was developed with Aspose.Words for .NET V4.4.0.0. We ran into an issue that has been resolved in Aspose.Words for .NET V5.0.0.0. I am logged into your website and am trying to download Aspose.Words for .NET V5 from the following page, but I receive the message, “Unexpected Error”.


I called your sales department and they said it’s not possible to download files that were released more than 1 year ago. Confusing, because it’s available for download on your website.

Can you please tell me how I can get Aspose.Words for .NET V5.0.0.0? I would also like to download all other versions of your files of which my subscription entitled me to before it expired. Unfortunately, I didn’t download them, and now I’m being told I have to pay out the wazoo to upgrade.

Why don’t I want to upgrade to V10.x? Because I really don’t want to break any interfaces… I just want to get this issue we’re running into resolved and the application back in production!

Thank you,

Thanks for your inquiry. It is true, our internal policy does not allow us to share versions of products older than one year.
But special for you, I have sent the link to download Aspose.Words 5.0.0 to your e-mail.
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I tried responding to you in email on 12/6, but haven’t heard back. So, I thought I would follow up here in the forums like the Sales department recommended.
Thank you for your prompt assistance, and for providing the file to me. I’ve downloaded and integrated the new version, but I’m now running into a new issue that occurs on the live server and not on my local development box. I’ve included the error message (I sent you a screenshot of the error in my original email) and found the following forum post which addresses the issue.
Error Message: “The header is too large”
Can you please assist me in getting me the file I need to fixes this issue? Or, perhaps another approach would be to provide me the latest version of the Aspose .NET files my subscription permitted me to have before it expired. I’m not sure what info you need from me to be able to determine what versions I’m allowed to have w/ my subscription but perhaps this information would be helpful…
Thanks in advance,

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your inquiry.

All licenses carry a one year subscription to free upgrades. I’m afraid the issue reported in that thread was fixed in May 2009 in Aspose.Words 6.4.0. This is much later than the versions you are currently using (5.0.0 was released in February 2008) therefore your license almost certainly cannot be used with the version you need.

I’m afraid you may need renew your subscription and start using a much more recent version of Aspose.Words. If you are worried about any major change to the API then we can easily assist you with any changes to your code.