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"You are using an evaluation copy and have opened files exceeding limitation" - error


We have ONLY JUST started to receive this error message when trying to build custom Excel files using the Aspose component.

We do not have an evaluation version, although our subscription has expired, but this was over 1 year ago and i didn’t think that had an effect on being able to use the API ?

Can anyone shed any light on why i’m receiving (and my clients are receiving an error page) this error and what i can do to rectify it ?



Please check your subscription expiry date (you may open your license file into notepad and check the expiry date) and then make sure the version of the product you are using should be released before your expiry date. By the way which version of the product you are using and what is the subscription expiry date?

For your information, if you try to use a version that is released after your subscription expiry date, the evaluation warning message(s) will be occurred. If it is not the case and you are using a valid/prior version, kindly make sure that the licensing code should be run at least one time in the whole life time of your application/project.

Please check the document for further reference:

If you still could not evaluate, kindly create a simple project with your license file, zip it and post us via mail and not through forums. For sending the project to us, please follow the steps mentioned below:

1: click the Contact button in the Post.

2: In the drop down list options click "Send Amjad Sahi an Email”.

3: Attach the sample project and send it (you may zip the file prior attaching it).

4: Once you have done it, kindly confirm us on this thread.

Thank you.

Subscription expiry date is 11th December 2008.

LicenseVersion is 2.1

There have been NO server moves, the code is operating on the same server it has done for the last 6months+.

There have been no code changes released in the last 6 months that would have an impact.

Given that it might be due to some kind of .NET issue whereby the license call hasn’t been set correctly, i’m wondering if an IIS reset would benefit ?

The license call :

License license = new License();

is being called on every instance of a workbook creation.

I don’t understand why this should have JUST started to happen…


Well, Re-building of the project and re-starting the IIS might work in your case. Please try it and let us know.

Your are not giving us the version number of the product, see the document:

And to check whether your license is working fine with your product version, please create a new project on your machine (or you may try on some other machine), set the licensing code, create a simple spreadsheet using the API and check if you get the same issue there or not.

Thank you.


Aspose.Cells.dll version is


Well, if you subscription expiry date is December 2008, you are using valid version that was released before your subscription expiry date.

Please do what we have suggested in the last of my two/three posts and let us know about it.

Thank you.


Well i did what I suggested and it worked, an IISReset on our web servers has cleared up the issue.

Any idea what the cause could be ?