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Randomly see "Evaluation Only" with license version

Hello Support,

We are using “Aspose PDF for .NET” product to show PDF files in browser (with edit capabilities) and since last month or so we started seeing “evaluation only” message randomly when we render the PDF files via CanvasSave.aspx

Please guide us i right direction to correct this message - as it is very annoying.

Here are Order details:
Order ID: 170614200050
Order Date: 6/14/2017
Product: Aspose.Pdf for .NET
License: Developer OEM


Joyce Jan


Thank you for contacting support.

Please ensure setting the license in some common area of the application. For example, if you are developing an ASP.NET application, you can call License.SetLicense() method from the Global.asax.cs file, in the Application_Start protected method. Moreover, you can check if the license has been applied properly or not, with Document.IsLicensed property. In case the problem persists, please send your license file to us as a private message so that we may investigate to help you out.