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RawFontUnderline is gone from the latest Aspose.Slides

We are trying to recompile our code with the latest version of Aspose.Slides for .NET and we’ve noticed that the “RawFontUnderline” property is no longer there on the Aspose.Slides.Portion class. What is the difference between the “RawFont…” class of properties and the “Font…” class of properties? Can we use “FontUnderline” instead of “RawFontUnderline”? Why are the other properties, such as Color or Height still exist in both versions?



Hi David,

The difference between using RawFontUnderline and FontUnderline properties is that the prior one uses the properties from Masster and later use the property when you set it in presentation. I agree that RawFontUnderline property has been removed but FontUnderline will also work. Please share, if the issue still remains on your end. Please visit this link as well for your kind reference.

Thanks and Regards,