Re: Conversion of WordXML documents to PDF format


Hi, I wish to know if Aspose supports converting WordXML files to PDF format and if there is any sample available for the same.

I am looking for server side API's to integrate with our exisiting application. Also please let me know me know incase you support the following.

1) Document Merging (Merging multiple WordXML files into single file)

2) Mail Merge facility. Ability to replace the fields with paras, tables etc.

Please respond at the earliest since I need to finalise a product.





Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

Unfortunately, importing or exporting of the WordML format is not yet supported. However, we plan to implement it in the future.

1) As I stated above, working with WordML documents isn't possible at the moment. To learn how to combine documents in general, please refer to the following topic of our Programmers Guide:

2) This functionality might be implemented as following. Create a mail merge event handler which is invoked each time a merge field is encountered and use a DocumentBuilder object to move to this field and insert there any document element you want. Read this topic for more information:

Working with DocumentBuilder is described in the Building Documents Dynamically section of the Programmers Guide: