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? re: image insertion onto pdf

Can aspose.pdf be used to programatically insert an image onto the footer area on a generated pdf document?

We are currently using aspose.word to insert a gif image onto the word
at the location of a mergefield tag in the footer of the document
template. However, due to some of the creative means that some of
the users are modifying the word document template, we sometimes get
undesirable output.

I’m wondering if it is possible to use aspose.pdf to insert a graphic
at the bottom of the pdf file that is generated from the word
doc. Our goal is to be able to stamp each page of the document
with a small gif image and a few lines of text. It would be ideal
if we could do away with the need to have mergefields in the document
to acheive this. Any suggestions on how best to accomplish this
would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Aspose.Pdf is used to create PDF only. It can't manipulate existing PDF. So there are 2 solution for you to select:

1) Modify the XML generated by Aspose.Word. As you know, Aspose.Word generates XML that match Aspose.Pdf and then Aspose.Pdf use the XML to produce PDF. So if you modify the xml generated by Aspose.Word, add the content you want, then it can be added into the PDF.

2) Use Aspose.Pdf.Kit which is used to manipulate existing PDF. You can easily stamp image into existing PDF.