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Re: Insert new header and footer into a document


I am currently evaluating this product, would like to know whether it can do the followings:

1. insert a header and footer into a document without a header and footer
2. edit a header and footer content if the document contain header and footer
3. open a word document from a binary data and edit the content finally saved to a location

Reasons i asked all these is that i can’t find the method to create a new header and footer in the api.

hope to hear from you soon.

eric tan

Hi Eric,

It is not yet possible to directly create header and footer, but we will add methods to do that to DocumentBuilder, hopefully in October.

You can open a Word document from a file or from a stream.

You can edit document content somewhat, using DocumentBuilder and MailMerge. You cannot edit document content freely like in MS Word VBA, but we are working on it to make more classes and methods available.

Hi romank,

I would like to find out when will the latest version be released that allow developer to actually inserted the header and footer directly. It already october now and can you give me a more precise date that this function will be available.

I would need to have the date as i had a system to rollout asap and this is a very impt features which i need.

Hope to hear from you on the good news soon. Thanks.


Hi Eric,

We will support this feature asap because we need it ourselves for RTF import, for example. The release will be out early next week.

Hi Roman,

I realised that version 1.8 is out, does this new version allow me to add and modify a header and footer informations?


Not yet, we are still working on this.

Hi Roman,

Could you please drop me a mail once this features is available.

This is my email:

Really hoep to hear from you soon.

Eric Tan

It is now possible to create and modify headers and footers in Aspose.Word 1.9. See DocumentBuilder.MoveToHeaderFooter, MoveToSection and also new PageSetup properties to specified different headers for first, even and odd pages.