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Re: Throw Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of an Object When Doing Word Mail Merge

Actually this issue is still repeating in mid 2013. As stack trace is obfuscated looks like:

at xe86f37adaccef1c3.xc5c3f438428cb03b.x446c2c253cdada74(x561fa53c007d3597 xe01ae93d9fe5a880)
at xe86f37adaccef1c3.xc5c3f438428cb03b.xb7e46440d2a34d6d(x561fa53c007d3597 xe01ae93d9fe5a880, FieldMergingArgs& xfbf34718e704c6bc)
at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.x561fa53c007d3597.x67bf65e8693cdf2e(xc5c3f438428cb03b xa4d52e34b62b5495)
at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.x561fa53c007d3597.x83bcdf1790545fdb()
at Aspose.Words.Fields.Field.x42a25ae95099edb8(x5e36356bc92c609b x0f7b23d1c393aed9)
at Aspose.Words.Fields.Field.x295cb4a1df7a5add(x5e36356bc92c609b x0f7b23d1c393aed9)
at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.xfedf115fd9c03862.x4e3cfc222c92cda7(Field xe01ae93d9fe5a880, x5e36356bc92c609b x0f7b23d1c393aed9)
at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.xfedf115fd9c03862.x4e3cfc222c92cda7(Field xe01ae93d9fe5a880)
at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.xbf9ddf72e1283af9.x18dfca7c5fd2402f()
at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.xfedf115fd9c03862.xdd6cf0348a23f220(xcf417e2db4fe9ed3 xe00c282e1a49fcfb)
at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.xfedf115fd9c03862.xdf269951086089ce(x6435b7bbb0879a04 xa942970cc8a85fd4)
at xe86f37adaccef1c3.xc5c3f438428cb03b.xd01ea9131ba53b87(ArrayList x292b5f49fee42032, xfedf115fd9c03862 xcc5022025f73a533)
at xe86f37adaccef1c3.xc5c3f438428cb03b.xdeeb682062ef79a5()
at xe86f37adaccef1c3.xc5c3f438428cb03b.xd5da23b762ce52a2(xa11a4c48b53f49a6 xef1769c4fe6ae4ca, Boolean xc9c7b90943167aed)
at Aspose.Words.Reporting.MailMerge.x18dfca7c5fd2402f(xa11a4c48b53f49a6 xef1769c4fe6ae4ca)
at Aspose.Words.Reporting.MailMerge.Execute(String[] fieldNames, Object[] values)
Hi Philo,

Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please attach your input Word document and code here for testing? I will investigate the issue on my side and provide you more information.

Best regards,

I can’t as document is classified. Can ensure you that it is quite simple document.

Can’t you tell where is the issue by stack trace?

Hi Philo,

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say what the problem is without the document and code. I need your document and piece of code from your application to reproduce the same problem on my side.
Please note that it is safe to attach files in the forum. If you attach your document here, only you and Aspose staff members can download it. You can also send the file to my e-mail as described here:

You can also remove any sensitive information from your document by replacing it with dummy data instead.
Best regards,