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Read-Only Format

I am looking for a Java solution where I can View all type of Document as Original; however, we want to apply some restrictions during this view just to make it Read Only:

  1. Disable or remove Save or Save As option
  2. Disable or remove Copy option also select & copy inside the displayed page
  3. Disable or remove Print option
  4. Can we also restrict any screen shot capture (Print Screen, Spinning Grabbing Tool)

In other word - open an existing workbook in such read-only mode

Is this something any of your product support?


Thank you for your inquiry. Aspose APIs are file formatting APIs. Aspose offers a range of components that help developers program with Microsoft Office files, like word processing documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, even diagrams and projects, independent of automation. Aspose also offers components for working with PDF files, images, barcodes, email and OCR. For details, please visit the link:

For details on Aspose.Cells, visit the link:

Loading, Saving, Converting and Managing Excel

Thanks, Ikram

It is not clear from the product description if my requirement can be fulfilled.
I am looking for an answer if that is something supported by Aspose, this will help to make my mind to buy it.


This is to update you that Aspose.Cells for Java does not open Excel files in read-only mode. Aspose.Cells for Java APIs cannot be used to display Excel file on Web. Please refer to GroupDocs.Viewer which is multi format document viewer APIs. This is the best suitable API for you. GroupDocs.Viewer provides the rendering of each page of the source document into either HTML or image. You can then view/display the rendered HTML pages or images in your UI. The API supports a wide range of the document formats including the MS Office documents.

Furthermore Aspose.Cells exposes a component called GridWeb for Java. Using GridWeb for Java you can displays Excel file in the form of Grid. Visit the link Aspose.Cells.GridWeb for details.

Hope the above information helps. Please feel free to contact us in case of any query or comments.

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