Read text from bookmarks



In the ms word automation interface it is possible to read text within a bookmark like this oDoc.Bookmarks.Item(“Tekst”).Range.Text - i dont see the same functionallity avalible in aspose.word.

Am i missing something here or isnt it supportet, and will it be ??




I might be able to add ability to retrieve text of a bookmark quickly if you don’t need to change text of a bookmark.


For now i only need to read the text within the bookmark - what date will the functionality be released ?


Thomas (tho123mas)


Its improtant for my project that i also kan keep the text formatting when i copy the text in the bookmark. Will that be possible?

I want to copy text incl formatting within a bookmark and insert the text incl formatting into a new document.





Could you please give me the date for the release of the new functionality - im working on a project in Copenhagen Airport. We are ready to place an order with you - Unfortunately we are on a tight deadline, so I hope to hear from you soon.



We can add ability to retrieve plain text from a bookmark in a week. But we cannot quickly support MS Word Range-like functionality so you can copy and move fragments of formatted text freely. We certainly would like to be able to do so and we are working on it, but this is 2-3 months away. It is a complex thing.


Ok thanks for a quick reply.

Maybe i can arrange my documents differently - wich objects support the “range” functionality ??

Regards Thomas


If you have control over the documents, then the following hints might help:

1. It is much easier in the current Aspose.Word to insert content into the document rather than delete or modify existing content. See DocumentBuilder for more details, there is plenty of methods and properties there. So if you can arrange your documents that you create and insert content rathern than modify or delelete existing - it will help.

2. You can copy/move/delete only sections within and between documents. So you can put section breaks in strategic points inside your documents to create a library of fragments you can quickly pull from different places to assemble a new document. Alternatively put all fragments you will ever need in a single document and delete unneded sections based on some conditional logic at runtime.


Ok - thanks for your help - i will se if its possible to arrange til document fragments in sections for now - later we will using the bookmarks as its a more flexible solution in regards to the layout of the document.



is this functionality supported yet? I must be able to copy bookmark-text with formatting…

Regards, Stefan


It is possible to retrieve and change bookmark text using Bookmark.Text, but it’s plain text only, no formatting.

It is possible to insert formatted text into a bookmark using DocumentBuilder methods.

Sorry, no retrieving or copying formatted bookmark text is available. It will be available in the future, but this is several months away.