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Reading Outlook .MSG Appointment files


I'm trying to programmatically retrieve certain fields within an Outlook Appointment, represented as a .MSG file. I need to be able to obtain the appointment start and end date/times. It seems the PR_START_DATE and PR_END_DATE properties are not consistently populated. Here is the pattern I've observed:

If I create an appointment or meeting request in Outlook (with defined start/end times), save it as a .MSG, then use Aspose.Network.Outlook to read the PR_START_DATE and PR_END_DATE, those properties will be null. However, if someone else in my company sends me a meeting request (it automatically gets added to my Calendar), the PR_START_DATE and PR_END_DATE properties accurately contain the meeting start time and end time. Is there any other property or way for me to retrieve the appointment start/end times consistently for every .MSG appointment file?

Thanks in advance,

Chad Ernst


Could you attach the msg file samples that you are using? Therefore, we can debug into it.

Thanks a lot

Per your request, I'm attaching a .MSG file that exhibits the behavior I explained in my previous post. You'll need to change the extension to .MSG (I had to change to .gif so I could upload).

Thanks in advance for looking into this.


Can you please let me know what you determine ASAP? I need to know how to retrieve the start time and end time for appointments that I create and are on my Outlook calendar.


I dumped the properties in the message, please check it out.

0x8006 Start PT_SYSTIME

0x8007 End PT_SYSTIME


v:7/10/2008 8:00:00 PM

v:7/10/2008 11:00:00 PM