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Receive the submit data from GridWeb .NET

Why i not recive the submit data from GridWeb?

When i generate the page the following code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)


Aspose.Grid.Web.GridWeb gridweb = new Aspose.Grid.Web.GridWeb();

gridweb.ID = "Grid";

gridweb.Height = 500;

gridweb.Width = 700;




Probably i find the problem

To recive a submit data i must handle the event "SheetDataUpdated"


Do you mean that you want to get grid input by click another button in the page? You may reference this document:

And I think that you don't describe your code clearly. Is the HeaderTable object created dynamically too? If so, you should add it to the page's form object like this:


in Page_Load




Thank you.

OK, I have just seen your reply. The control fires the SheetDataUpdated event after it loads client input.

I have a next problem.

I dont know how get a SelectCells in the SheetDataUpdated event Handler.

in the following code i get error:

Aspose.Grid.Web.Data.WebCell cell = (Aspose.Grid.Web.Data.WebCell)(((Aspose.Grid.Web.GridWeb)sender).SelectCellsIdea [I]);

"Unable to cast object of type 'System.Collections.ArrayList' to type 'Aspose.Grid.Web.Data.WebCell'. "

in help:

Documentation: Aspose.Grid.Web: API Reference: GridWeb.SelectCells Property

public System.Collections.ArrayList SelectCells {get;}

it is not enough for me.

The item SelectCells collection is also an ArrayList collection, and it contains a line of selected cells. You may write like this:

WebCell cell = (WebCell)((ArrayList)SelectCells[0])[0];