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It appears that some types of recipient addresses are not properly parsed from the list. Internet addresses ( seem to be ok but Exchange (X.400?) addresses seem to come apart so that last name and first name are seen as separate addresses and the X.400 part is associated with the first name.

By testing several messages and using other software I can infer that the recipients are of the form:

''[']; Brooks Foster[]; Foster[Foster]; Brooks[/O=company/OU=NA/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=Bfoster]; ...

The first "two" entries come out of the list correctly with the appropriate display name and email address. However, the last two should be seen as one Exchange address, but we see them as two separate addresses; I assume because they are separated by semicolons.

Am I missing something in the API that would allow the proper parsing of these? Is there a workaround for these Exchange addresses?

We are a potential customer using a demo version.


Hi Peter,

Thank you for contacting using Aspose.Email and contacting Aspose.Email support team.

In order to investigate this issue with the email’s Recepients’ addresses, I would request you to provide us with a sample message file and your sample code, so that we can reproduce this issue at our end. Once the existence of such an issue is verified at our end, we will report this problem to our development team for a solution in the upcoming monthly release.

As a side note, I would recommend you to please use the latest version of Aspose.Email for .NET 2.5.0 in your applications.

Thanks. It may be a few days before I can reduce the code to a bare minimum and double check the shareability of the messages.


Hi Peter,

You may please continue to work on preparing the sample code but just for our reference, could you please send us a sample message file so that we may also try to reproduce the issue here.

Thanks for your cooperation.