Recognize if MS Project document is digitally signed?


Hi Aspose team,

is it possible with Aspose.Tasks to check if processed document is digitally signed before we start to make changes and invalidate the signature?

Btw. as far as I could see you support this functionality for Aspose.Words, Aspose.PDF and Aspose.Cells.




Can you please share source file so that we may further investigate to help you out.


Hello, @dr_oli

No, Aspose.Tasks has no such functionality at the moment.


Hi Aspose team,

any chance to include that as a feature request? Btw. I do not have example file but would be interesting to have same functionality like in other Aspose components.




I regret to share that at present there is no such support available. We will share notification via blogs when if the requested support may get implemented in API in future.