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Recurring Dates Exceeding COUNT specified

Perhaps I do not understand what 'COUNT=4' means.

What I think it means is that a recurring event will recur 4 times ONLY, from its DTSTART date.

I am trying to generate a recurring set of dates.

What I want is an event that recurs 4 times, starting Apr 27 2005, recurring every WED.

I expect the generated dates to be...
APR 27
MAY 11
MAY 28

Now, when I ask for dates within a range, say from NOV 25 to DEC 31, I would expect no dates to be returned, since the last possible date generated would be MAY 28.

However, I am getting dates for every WED within that dateRange.

My question is, what is it generating dates past MAY 28?

Here is the specifics....


oPattern = new RecurrencePattern(rrule);

DateCollection recurrenceDates = Pattern.GenerateOccurrences(dateStart, dateEnd );

dateStart is 11/27/2005
dateEnd is 12/31/2005


Thank you for the report. You understand COUNT okay, we've confirmed this was a problem for some recurrence pattern (that had COUNT or UNTIL specified) that they returned occurrence dates outside of the search window. This was fixed in Aspose.iCalendar 1.0.3, for more info please see this


But, for some reason, when I visit your calendar download page, I only see a link to the initial release of iCalendar.
There are no hotfix’s avail for me to download.

Thanks, I’ve added a link, but you can download the full installer as it was updated too.

Another release, for more info see