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Recursive Reference error in cells when calculating formulas

I'm getting a error text of "#Recursive Reference!" in many cells when calling CalculateFormula. I'm not sure why Aspose fails on these cells, as the formulas we're using are all on the supported list. You can see this happen programatically by using the following script with the attached excel file:

Excel excel = new Excel();

UPDATE: Removed Excel file. Are uploads only visible to the Aspose team? If so, i'll re-upload, otherwise, can I email it in?


Yes. Your uploaded file only visible to you and Aspose team. If you don’t want to upload it here, please send your file to . I will check it.

I emailed you the file yesterday. Just wanted to check that you had received it.

I got the file but didn’t find the problem. Which cell contains the recursive reference mark? And which version of Aspose.Excel are you using?

Many of the cells have the error. After the call to calculateFormula, if you examine the cell contents, you'll notice they have "#Recursive Reference!" instead of the calculated value. Eg.


How were you able to verify that there wasn't an issue? This fails for me using the latest version (3.6.2)


Hi Shari,

Please try this attached fix.

This seems to fix the problem. Thanks!