Referencing another worksheet



I’m trying to create a reference from the second worksheet to the first. Below is my code:

Dim myCell as Cell = excel.sheet.Worksheets(1).Cells.GetAt(0,0)
myCell.Formula = “=July!G55"

Where “July” is the name of the first worksheet. The second worksheet is called “Input Data”.

In the generated excel file, I get the following instead,

”=‘Input Data’!A1"

No matter what name I put for the first or second worksheets, the generated file always replaces the first worksheet name with the second worksheet name.

I’m using version

Any help would greatly be appreciated.



Dear Steve,

Thanks for your feedback.

It’s a bug and i have fixed it. Please wait for about 2 days. I will release a new hotfix before the end of this week.


Dear Steve,

Please download hotfix1.6.2. This problem is fixed.