Reflections/shadows not present in exported view

There seems to be a bug with certain reflections/shadows not being rendered in tiff export view. For example slide 2 and slide 9 in the attached pptx and tif files.

Sample code:

Presentation ps1;
using (FileStream fsin = new FileStream(“IntroducingPowerPoint2010(1).pptx”, FileMode.Open))
ps1 = new Presentation(fsin);

ps1.Save(“reflections.tiff”, Aspose.Slides.Export.SaveFormat.Tiff);

Hi Tom,

Thank you for sharing the sample code and template file with us.

We are able to reproduce your issue after an initial test. Your issue has been registered in our issue tracking system with issue id: SLIDESNET-35217. This thread is linked with the issue and you will get a notification on the resolution of the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience,