Refresh excel tab


is there any way to generate a dynamic tab in my powerpoint ?

we have data that we wish to render in a tab.

what options do we have ?

adding textframes and lines dynamically is not possible I guess, neither refreshing an external excel tab ā€¦ so what is left for us


thanks in advance for your advices


Dear Stef_loi,

Iā€™m working with tables now so it will be available very soon.


how will it work ?


Just a standard dynamic creating of tables and changing all table properties.
Adding and deleting rows and columns, changing size and style of cells.

By the way, probably tomorrow I will release hot fix with possibility to create new TextFrames
so teoretically you can draw own tables as set of rectangles with textframe and lines.


Very nice Smile

When will the table feature be available ?


I hope at the end of next week.