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Reg:Excel Template Validation

Hey guys,

I’m Saravanan Nallamuthu Senior .NET Deveveloper.
We are using this ASPOSE API for almost 10 Years.
Currently We have a requirement to validate the Uploaded Excel with predefined Excel template.Could you guys please advice.

Saravanan Nallamuthu


Well, Aspose.Cells is a spreadsheet management libarary/ APIs used to create, manipulate, render or convert MS Excel file formats (XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, CSV, ODS, SpreadsheetML etc.), it also covers most of the MS Excel (97-2010) features. I am not sure about your requirements, what type of validation you need Aspose.Cells to evaluate with your template file? Also, how could you perform the task in MS Excel manually, please elaborate and mention the steps involved in MS Excel with some template files etc., so we could understand you better and help you accordingly.

Thank you.

Hi Amjad,

Thanks for the Quick Reply.
Here is the Requirement

I have an Excel Template [ Template.xls] which has 1 sheet and it has 4 Columns Student,Subject1,subject2,subject3 see image TemplateExcel.jpg

User will be importing an excel file with the same no of columns [Student,Subject1,subject2,subject3] with the data see image ImportExcel.jpg

We should be able to validate whether the imported excel matches the same schema specified in the Template

Saravanan Nallamuthu


Thanks for the screen shots.

1) I think you may use Smart Markers feature provided by Aspose.Cells. So, you may create a designer template file inserting the markers into the cells in the sheet(s), you may also format the cells accordingly for your needs. For example, you may create reports for your database tables related to different sets of data or as per your desired records etc. Smart Markers are processed based on your desired dataset/resultset that might be the result of the query or stored procedure, so you may specify or write the query to be processed by using your own code with e.g ADO.NET APIs and get the data to be filled into the DataTable or variables/Array. When the markers are processed, data is inserted into the cells in place of your pasted markers in the designer file’s sheets, see the document for your complete reference:

2) Another way is to use some data importing options from different data sources provided by Aspose.Cells. For example, you may use Cells.ImportDataTable() method to import the data table to fill the worksheet in the Workbook. Please see the document for your complete reference:

Hope, this helps a bit.

Thank you.