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Reg: File error : data may have been lost


Currently we are using Aspose version for JDK 1.4.

There are some excels saved in our application that were exported in Office 2003 format(.xls).
When these excels are opened in Office 2010, they open with an error "File error : data may have been lost". But when the same excel is opened again in Office 2003,the excel opens without any issues.

We have attached a sample excel file that throws the above error. Please let me know whether the above issue is due to Aspose jar.




We recommend you to kindly try our latest version v7.0.1:

In the new versions we ported from .NET version and made lots of enhancements.

Let us know if you still find the issue. In that case, give us sample code on how you created the file.

Thank you.

Hi ,

Please let us know if you have faced similar issues before that lead you to fixing the same in the new version of the Jar or is it a generic solution you are providing.

Upgrading to new version of Jar involves a lot of testing from our side to check if all functionalities are working in the application. So if it is a generic solution that you are providing then we need to take a call accordingly.

It would also be better if you give me the list of new APIs/ changed APIs between Aspose and 7.0.1 versions.




It is our policy about providing fixes that we cannot provide new fix based on some old versions.

Please see the release notes for new versions from V7.0 to know the differences between newer and older version.

We recommend you to test the new version/fix thoroughly before deploying it to your production environment.

Unfortunately, formula calculation has been changed completely from V7.

Some changes are enhancements comparing with old versions. But some others may cause some formulas be calculated incorrectly now(which can be calculated correctly in old versions). So we recommend you to give enough test for the new version, if you have found any issue, please tell us and we will fix it soon.


Thank you for your detailed response.