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Regarding Aspose License


In Aspose 2.5.3 Version,We are getting the license file every year and we are using in our current Application.Now We migrated the application from Aspose 2.5.3 to Aspose 8.3.4.

Shall we use the older Aspose 2.5.3 Version license file for the newer Aspose 8.3.4 implementation or else is it needed to get new license for the Aspose 8.3.4(newer Version).

Thanks in Advance,


Thanks for your query.

No, you cannot use older license (for v2.5.3) with newer versions e.g. v8.3.4, you got to upgrade your subscription and purchase new license to use newer versions of the product.

Thank you.

Hi ASPOSE Support Team,

Thanks for your reply.

Recently we updated our license file in Production environment for ASPOSE version 2.5.3.

Please let us know the following,
  1. Since we are uplifting ASPOSE for our application from v2.5.3 to 8.3.4 (latest), based on your above response, should we change license file in both Sub Production and Production environment for v8.3.4?
  2. Will ASPOSE team provide license file for all environments for latest version 8.3.4 ?
  3. As we are already having priority support with ASPOSE, should we raise request for license file for all environments for v 8.3.4 ?
  4. The license file which needs to be updated is applicable from which versions ?
  5. The new license file will be compatible with older ASPOSE v2.5.3 ?
  6. Sub Production and Production should have different license or same can be used in all environments.
Thank You

Hi Karthi,

For your queries:

1) Yes, if you are upgrading to latest version in both Production and Sub-Production environment, then you will have to use new license on both locations.
2) Well, if you are using Aspose.Cells for Java on different operating systems and different versions of Java, then same license will work, however, if you want to use Aspose.Cells for .NET and Java, then you need separate licenses for .NET and Java platforms.
3) No need to report in the PS forum.
4) For your information, licenses should work with any release (of the product) which was published in last one year.
5) No, please check 4.
6) It depends on the license type, check this:

Hope, this helps a bit.

Thank you.