Regarding for CS Order ID : 228132

One of our customers who purchased Aspose Words for .NET V4 and Aspose PDF.NET V4 is using only the Watermark function on Word, but because it’s not compatible with Word 2007, they plan to purchase V8.
Our questions are:

  1. It looks like there is license files for word.dll and pdf.dll by looking at the source code, but is it alright for us to purchase the additional Word in order to use it with Word 2007?
  2. Can we use it by just changing the word.dll and license file, and without changing anything with the existing source code?

Here is the end user information.

Order date:26-Feb-2007
Products :Aspose.Pdf for .NET V3.3.2 1 Developer Enterprise Subscription License
Aspose.Words for .NET V4.1.1 1 Developer Enterprise Subscription License
Name :Jae Sung Hwang
Company :GS-Caltex Corp
Address :GS Tower 679, Yoksam-dong Kangnam-gu
Country :Korea, Republic Of
Tel: 82-10-9590-2841

Thank you.
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Yunny Sung
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Thanks for your request.

  1. Yes, you can renew only license of Aspose.Words. Also, the latest version of Aspose.Words supports direct conversion to PDF (Without Aspose.Pdf).
  2. There should not be problems with updating to the latest version. In case of any issues, please post your request in the forum, we will be glad to help you.

In order to renew the license you should contact our sales team. You can contact them in Aspose.Purchase forum or in live chat.
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