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Regarding the navigation to different worksheets


I am trying to build a report xls from xml file.

Using java.

Where i have a requirement , the first sheet (main report page) has the summary of number of each entitty changes and each entity detail rows are listed in a separate worksheets i.e. sheet1--> entity1

sheet2 --> entitity2 etc.

when i click the hiper link of changes number , aganist the each entity name (i.e row) in the main report sheet it should navigate to the respective entity work sheet in the work book.

could you please help with a sample if possible.

please find the sample attached file designer.xls

Thank you.


Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells for Java.

We think, you want to add hyperlink. Hyperlink helps you navigate to internal or external link inside cells of your desired worksheet.

Please see the following document for your more help.


Well, you may add hyperlinks to your summary sheet that should refer to other sheets’ cells in the same workbook, see the document for your reference:

(Note: Please see the description and example under “Adding a link to another cell in the same file” sub-heading especially)