I want to repeat a table but with space between two repeated blocks.
I have tried ur “Employee” example but it says the start mergefield and end Mergefield should be within the table or its cell.
is there any turnaround.
Pls reply ASAP.

Thanks in advance.



Please provide more detailed explanation of what sort of region you want to repeat or email the example document to It is true, there are technical limitations where region boundaries can be placed but they should not interefere with most of the usage scenarios.


I got thru it.
thanks anyways.
But now i am facing another problems.
1. Can I change font or other properties for a mergefield?
2. Can I conditionally hide a particular row from the specified table in the template.
3. can I insert a hyperlink?

Thanks in advance,

  1. Aspose.Word 1.4 is going to have API to insert formatted text (specify font, paragraph etc properties and insert text). It is going to be released very soon - we just going through final testing.
    2. Do you mean you want to hide/remove row of a Word table or skip and don’t insert row from a DataTable?
    3. You can insert almost anything into a document including pictures using latest API available in Aspose.Word 1.4 but inserting hyperlinks is not yet supported. This is because hyperlink data format is not documented and we will need some time before we understand it well enough, but we will certainly get there.