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REGRESSN function

Hi Laurence,

We are looking for a solution for automate regression test in Excel,
which needs output R square, coefficients, F stats, T-stats, P-value
and Significance F. Is this supported by Aspose.Cells?

The previous msg cut half of my text. Here is the rest. :-)

Does the REGRESSN function support regression? (The name sounds like) I searched throughout internet but could not find any API or sample code on how to use REGRESSN in Excel. Can you help?
Will you implement TDIST function in the near future?

Thank you

R square -RSQ function ? If yes, supported.

coefficients - CORREL fuction? If yes, supported.

F-stats, T-stats, P-value and Significance F correspond to what functions in MS Excel?

About REGRESSN, it's and addin function requested by one of our customer. It's similiar to LINEST function. The difference is:

*It can have many x columns
*It only returns mn, mn-1, ..., m1 and b0 and sey

About TDIST function, I don't know the algorithm about it now. Do you have any information about it?

Thank you for your quick reply.

I don’t have much information about TDIST. It’s used for the ANOVA
table to calculate the P-value based on the T-stats. = TDIST(T-stat,
degree of freedom, # of tails). I found some formula on the
internet, but the result is not even close to the Excel TDIST.