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Rejecting very specific sets of revisions

Hello. We are building a product where we - using Microsoft AIP - protects a number of Word Document to individuals, allowing for the users to edit the documents locally on their computers. They are using Word 2013/Word 2016.

API basically prevents any printing/copying from the document, so this is done using a backend-service, exposed by a VSTO Addin we have developed. Printing is then done by sending the Word-file to the backend-service for unprotection and we when use ASPOSE for creating the result PDF-file + other various tooling

We are enforcing track changes on the clients so ensure that we through the revisions know what is the original document, and what is user changes. However - we would like the user to be able to “revert” these revisions as well. This cannot be done directly on the computers machines, since AIP prevents this. So we would like to use our backend-service/ASPOSE for this. The general idea is:

  1. The user selects a number of revisions in Word
  2. We identity the revisions and sends them + the docx-file to our backend-service
  3. We iterate the revisions in ASPOSE and rejects them
  4. We send the document back to the users

However - this have resulted in some issues:

  1. Revisions are handled differently in MS Word and ASPOSE. Basically ASPOSE will split revisions into smaller revisions
  2. We don’t have any unique identifiers for a revision in Word that we can directly target in ASPOSE
  3. We have tried inserting a number of bookmarks in the MS-Word document in able for us to identify which revisions to reject in ASPOSE, but the different revision handling makes this extremely difficult

Can you provide us with a guide on how to do this? We need to somehow identify the revisions while they are in MS-Word, and ensure that we only reject those specific revisions in ASPOSE. And the revisions themself can actually be with the exact same text, but placed in different parts of the document


Thank you for details. We are looking into the details. We will come back to you very soon with our analysis.


Please follow [your other thread](https://forum.aspose.com/t/revision-identification-rejection-in-aspose-words/171466) for further proceedings.