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Removing Comments from a PPTX File Doesn't Work

Aspose.Slides for java is not able to remove the comments from the Presentation File(PPTX).

Using aspose-slides-21.2

We are using Aspose.Slides for java and trying to remove the comments from an existing Presentation File(PPTX), but unable to do so. We are following the sample code as mentioned in the support documentation.

When we tried to debug the code, we weren’t even able to fetch the comments from the presentation using “presentation.getCommentAuthors()”.

I also tried to debug the code using aspose-slides-19.12, but of no help.

Can you please look at the issue on priority as it is impacting our deliverables.


Thank you for the issue description. Could you please share a code snippet and the initial presentation to investigate the issue? Also, we need your final presentation or screenshot of the problem.

Hi Andrey,

Comments Issue.zip (1.1 MB)
I have attached the zip file containing the code snippet which I am using to remove the comments from “CommentsTest.pptx” file. Final output of the code snippet is “CommentsTest-Output.pptx” in which you can find that the comments still exist.

Expected outcome was to not have the comments in the “CommentsTest-Ouput.pptx” file.

Let me know if you need any other information from my end to look into the issue.


Thank you for the code example and PPTX files. I reproduced the problem and received the same results. I have logged the issue in our tracking system with ID SLIDESJAVA-38474 for further investigation. I will keep you informed about any progress.

Hi @Andrey_Potapov,

What is the expected timeline for pushing out fix for this issue? This is an important feature that our business team needs so if you could help with a possible timeline.


A fix release has been planned tentatively for Aspose.Slides 21.4.

Hey @Andrey_Potapov,

Thanks for letting know about the release version where the issue will be fixed.

Do we have any tentative dates for this release?


Aspose.Slides 21.4 for Java will be released towards the end of April.

Hi @Andrey_Potapov,

I see you have released 21.4 version for Aspose.slide JAVA. Can you confirm if SLIDESJAVA-38474 issue is fixed or not?


Unfortunately, this issue has not been resolved in Aspose.Slides 21.4. Our development team will be planning a solution to this issue for another release. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Can you confirm when are you planning to release this fix?

I requested a new estimated time to fix this issue from our development team. I will let you know its answer as soon as possible.

A solution release for this issue has been planned in Aspose.Slides 21.7 (end of July). It is a tentative time frame.

Hi @Andrey_Potapov , are you guys on track to release this fix by end of July?

As I can see, the plan for solving this issue is the same.

@Andrey_Potapov Is this issue fixed in version 21.7?

I requested information for you from our development team. I will let you know as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it will take us time to implement features for supporting modern comments in PowerPoint. Such features will appear in Aspose.Slides no earlier than 2021’Q4.

Hi @Andrey_Potapov Any update on this functionality? We are already in 2021’Q4.

Our development team is actively working on this task. The tentative ETA is v21.12. Thanks for your patience.