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Rename file feature supports? Exception occurs during mail merge feature

  1. I can get a list of available files i.e.
    $folder = new Folder(); $tempStyleAll = $folder->GetFilesList("");
    But is it possible to rename a file using storage api?
  2. Template mail merge feature does not work with Sub-folder document file.
    Url: https://docs.aspose.cloud/words/mail-merge/

Source Code:

$xml = simplexml_load_file(getcwd() . “\template\Template.xml”); $mainDocument = “Business Templates//Marketing//Template.doc”; //create WordMailMerge object $doc = new WordMailMerge(); $result = $doc->ExecuteTemplate($mainDocument, $xml->asXML());

Exception Details

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘No file name specified’ in D:\Projects\AppServ\www\csbbdemo\Saaspose.SDK-for-PHP-master\Words\MailMerge.php:120 Stack trace: #0 D:\Projects\AppServ\www\csbbdemo\index.php(16): WordMailMerge->ExecuteTemplate(‘Business Templa…’, ‘<?xml version="…’) #1 {main} thrown in D:\Projects\AppServ\www\csbbdemo\Saaspose.SDK-for-PHP-master\Words\MailMerge.php

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  1. Yes, it is possible. Please check the PHP REST example at https://docs.aspose.cloud/words/files-and-storage/#moving-a-file-to-a-new-location-in-cloud-storage

  2. Sorry, this was a bug with ExecuteTemplate method. Now this method has been updated to handle sub-folders. Please download latest SDK or MailMerge.php from https://github.com/aspose-words-cloud/aspose-words-cloud-php and update your code like the following:

$xml = simplexml_load_file(getcwd() . "\\template\\Template.xml");
$mainDocument = "Template.doc";
//create WordMailMerge object
$doc = new WordMailMerge();
$result = $doc->ExecuteTemplate($mainDocument, $xml->asXML(), "Business Templates/Marketing");

Note: Make sure “Template.doc” is uploaded in “Business Templates/Marketing” folder of the Saaspose storage.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have further comments or questions.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Ijaz
Support Developer, Saaspose Sialkot Team


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