Rendering Issue of the Grid using Internet Explorer 8

I am curious if anyone else is experiencing any rendering issues while using IE8, our company has upgraded and we are now having some issues with the formatting features of the grid. I will continue to look for updates from you all on the grid as well but any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jennifer Cali
.NET Developer

Hi Jennifer,

We will check your issue and get back to you soon.

By the way, could you give us more details which formatting attributes are not working in IE8.0 and provide us information about the rendering issues. Moreover, which version of the component (Aspose.Grid.Web) you are using?

Thank you.

Thank you.


Well, I think it is caused by IE8 compatibility issue. Please refer to the thread and try to resolve it following the instructions given @:

Thank you.

Thank you very much, it does appear to have fixed the major issues that we were experiencing while using IE8.
Thanks again.