Rendering to PDF with decimal tabs screws up the layout


As already mentioned in a previous post I’m currently evaluating your product.
So far I’m very satisfied with what I achieved with your product.

There is one important issue I could not yet find a solution: (see attached images)
The word document I’m generating contains Tab stops with the decimal option selected.
In word it is correctly aligned with the decimal point (.) (see WordOutput_DecimalTab)
But in the generated PDF the Apostroph (’) is mistakenly aligned with the decimal tab stop position instead of the decimal point (see PdfOutput_DecimalTab)

I also attached the DecimalTabSample.docx that only contains the decimal tab portion of the complete document. When saving this document as PDF the tab stop gets screwed up in a different way.

Do you have an idea how to correct this for the PDF output?

Best Regards,
Philipp Dolder

Thanks for your request. On my side Word document looks exactly as the generated PDF. Ms Word on my side also considers an apostrophe as decimal separator and align numbers improperly. I suppose this is caused by different cultures on your and my sides. What culture is specified on your machine?
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Hi Alexey

On my machine the culture is German (Switzerland) with dot (.) as Decimal Symbol and (’) as Digit Grouping symbol.

I checked the following:
- In my test program the culture was automatically set to “de-CH” which is the culture that is set on my PC.
- I set the culture on my windows to “en-US” and I can reproduce the behavior from your side.

So I would have expected that the PDF with “de-CH” culture would be correctly rendered. Is it probably not rendered with the “de-CH” culture or something?

Edit: Just now I checked what happens when I have “en-US” settings and I use comma (,) as thousand separator (e.g. 2,000.00): then both Word and PDF align correctly.

Best regards,

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-5089) have been fixed in this .NET update and in this Java update.

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Hi, we are currently using V2012.02.29 of AsposeWords and we are still experiencing this same behaviour (correct in Word, incorrect in PDF).

So I was wondering what the correct steps are to set this up.
The information above seems to indicate that this is a localization/globalization/regional settings -issue. We are however using Words as a service, which means that requests will be made from all over the world, not limited to a single Locale. Playing with the settings on the server then seems to be ill adviced.

Do we need to make changes to te server?
Do we need to change the locale of the current thread before making the document?
Do we need to pass this information as parameters to functions or constructors?

I eagerly await your Response.
Bas (using corporate account)

Hi Wouter,

Thank you for inquiry. First off, please try to use the latest version at your end and see if it resolves your issue. Moreover, I will suggest you to follow up documentation instructions for local culture here. If it still doesn’t resolve your issue then please share input document for further investigation.

Thank you for your reply,
we’ll run a few experiments and let you know of any trouble.

(consider this closed for now)