Replace callback obsolete - how to add content to matches now?

all examples i found about “replace text by image” (or table, list) where made with an obsolete method (Range.Replace Method (Regex, IReplacingCallback, Boolean)
So what is the new approach to do this?
I would like to use your product to build a template engine for docx files. That means I want to search for conditional expressions and placeholders and replace them with text, images, tables, list or other content.
[#IF myVar]
This text and this [[value]] is only shown if myVar has a valid value.
And here comes the image:
Is this makeable using aprose.word?

Hi Holger,
Thanks for your inquiry. Please note that ReplaceAction, IReplacingCallback and ReplacingArgs are now moved to Aspose.Words.Replacing namespace.Please refer to the release notes:
Aspose.Words for .NET 16.7.0 Release Notes
Please use Range.Replace (Regex, String, FindReplaceOptions) or Range.Replace(String, String, FindReplaceOptions) method according to your requirements. Please check the members of FindReplaceOptions class.