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Replace tag for an image


I've searched in the Aspose.Cells forum for a while and couldn't find any existent topic about this situation that I'm facing. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish.

I have a spreadsheet and in it I can have in any cell a tag (something like this: "[image]") marking where I want an image to appear.

Is there any way to search the spreadsheet's content for that kind of tag (which is a String) and then replace that for an image? Going a little further. Is it possible to make the image float above the content?

I'm using Aspose Cells 7.4.3 for Java 6.

Any advice is welcome.

Thank you.


I think you may try using Find or Search options provided by Aspose.Cells for Java, once you find the data, it will return the corresponding cell, now you can insert your image there.

See the document on how to find/search data in the cells:

See the document on how to insert image/picture to the cells.