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Replacement of BarcodeImage on DocVariable Field

Right now I have a parameter and value. So based on value i am creating the barcode Image as a memorystream. So How can i replace my image on text.
Please suggest me the way.
This is field which i generated in my document.
{DOCVARIABLE ApttusBarcode 12345678 \* MERGEFORMAT}

Thanks for your request. I think that it is better to use mergefield or bookmark instead docvariable in this case.
In case of using mergefilds you can use MergeImageField event handler to insert barcode image. See the following link for more information.
In case of using bookmarks you can use DocumentBuilder.MoveToBookmark and InsertImage methods to insert Barcode image at the bookmark.
Also could you please attach your document for investigating?
Best regards.

Thanks for the information.
Attached is my document and docvariable class.
Because we have already used fields in our document.
I have also created internal class which you have for Hyperlink…
For mailmerge i tried. But i am not able to pass my image directly with execute method. I have also created datatable and tried to pass it. But no success. Its asking for Imailmergedatasource.
Please suggest me.

Thanks for additional information. You can use mergefields with “Image:myImage” name. For example see attached template and the following code:

// Read image to byte array
byte[] img = File.ReadAllBytes(@"Test049\test.jpg");
string[] names = { "myImage" };
object[] values = { img };
// Opn template
Document doc = new Document(@"Test049\in.doc");
// Execute mail merge
doc.MailMerge.Execute(names, values);
// Save document

Best regards.

Its works…