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Report in Sharepoint - Combine list based on parameters

I’ve had no luck following the instructions on how to create a report in sharepoint, so let me explain what I’m trying to do and you can tell me if it is possible.

I have a list in a sharpoint library that has word documents in it. There are columns in the list for state, work area, and type. I want to be able to create a single pdf file that combines the word documents that satisfy the criteria, state = florida, work area = field and type = hourly.

I’ve installed the software and can use the convert option when I select the files, I have not successfully created a report and DO NOT have a report template anywhere, and I don’t know how to create one or where to put it. I’ve read the documentation about mail merges, but I’m not sure what or how that relates to a list in sharepoint.

Is it possible to create the report based on the list and criteria above, and if so how do I create a report definition template and where do I put it?

Hi, thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, currently Aspose.Words for SharePoint does not support combining documents via reports. Report template syntax does not support a placeholder for putting another document in the template when building a report.

You can combine documents from a document library using the existing user interface. However, this is not quite what you need as it only supports manual document selection.

When you choose “Convert via Aspose.Words” menu item for a folder, a checkbox called “Combine Files” is available. If you check it, on clicking “Select Files…” a list of supported files is presented. You can mark each file individually and rearrange the list to set the order in which to combine the files. By checking “Convert files in subfolders” checkbox you can get a list including the files in subfolders. Please see the user documentation for more details.

However, it is not possible to filter the list on document library columns. We could consider adding such option in a future release. Alternatively, we may consider taking items from a SharePoint view where you could define the filter criteria via SharePoint user interface.

You might also consider achieving what you need using Aspose.Words. Please note that Aspose.Words and Aspose.Words for SharePoint are different products. Aspose.Words is a class library and has no user interface. So you will need to develop some code to query SharePoint to get the files you need. Then you can use Aspose.Words to combine them.

Please feel free to ask if you have further questions, I will be glad to help you.

Thanks and best regards,