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Reporting services- table autofit property


I am testing aspose.words for reporting services.

We have a report with a table that exports fine to word but when users try to edit the contents of the table (images) the table autofit to window property has to be explicitly set for the table. Is there a way to have this set automatically?




Thank you for your request. Could you please attach the report to test?

Thanks Dmitry!

Here's the rdl file.

I need more clarification of what you wish to achieve. When the report is exported to Word, table (table cells) width is set to a fixed value specified in the original report. If you meant the AutoFit to Window option in Word, then as far as I can see it simply sets the total width of the table to 100% so that it would always be as wide as the page excluding page margins. Is this the option you mentioned? And how it would make editing of the images easier?


Yes, could we set the Autofit to window Word option through the reports?

So when the report gets exported to word the users see the size of the image set in the report- which is fine.

Sometimes they want to increase the size of the image (for example in one of our reports we show a very small size of the image , which is also the size of the table). In such a case, when they increase the size of the image - the size of the table remains the same and only half of the image is seen. Then if they manually select the table and do an autosize to contents- the table expands and the whole image is seen.

I was wondering if we could set the autofit to contents automatically?

Please let me know if i'm not clear. Thanks a lot for your help!


Dear Panna,

"Autofit to XXX" seem to be Word commands, not settings that are stored in the document file. They simply calculate and set table column widths. However, "Automatically resize to fit contents" seems to be the option you need to be on. Try enable it: go to Table Properties | Table tab | Options and check it, then you'll notice the table accommodates its column width accordingly to the contents without the need to click the "Autofit to XXX" commands.

I'll consider introducing a configuration setting for you in the forthcoming hotfix. Expect it in several days.


Thanks Dmitry, that's the work around i've given to users for now.

Hi Dmitry,

I was wondering if the "Automatically resize to fit contents" option was ever implemented and if so how to I set it?

Kind Regards,