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ReportItems and KeepTogether attributes not working

Thanks, I’ll continue testing.


Your patch helped with keeping some of the events together and reports
are looking better. However, when testing the interim build on larger
sets of classified data, we still have issues where the rectangle is
breaking as shown in the last project I’ve sent. Is it possible to revert back
to the previous test project and troubleshoot the rectangle issue
first, then merge your new modifications that fixed the keeptogether

Also, ReportItems are still not displaying values using
hidden referenced textboxes. We appreciate all of your hard work, thanks again.

Sure, but could you please tell me how to reproduce this new case? Maybe provide me such a larger data set if possible. I would then add it to my tests to avoid regression. I'll also fix the hidden referenced textboxes problem in the next build.


I was able to reproduce the defects and reattach a new project using the aspose.reporting .dll you provided me. There are two reports with defects I'd like to show you.

The first report (select trifold from the dropdown and click OK) has the following defects compared to the ssrs export to .pdf (select pdf from the export dropdown and click export):

Trifold Report:

#1 Blank floating rectangle
There should not be a rectangle with no data appearing.

#2 Column break in the middle of the second column
"Block of Data" = a row or record of data in the datatable as defined in the given code behind. These blocks of data are grouped by the SSRS list control.

The column break in the second column occurs too early, a column should fit as many blocks of data as possible in a column, and once a block of data will no longer fit in a column, a column break should occur and push the remainder of blocks of data to the next column. As shown in the export to pdf.

#3 Header is seperated on different pages
The text "Confidential visit of the...," is setup to be a header and should not be split on multiple pages.

Detailed Report:

#4 "Keeptogether" for blocks of data.
Data block starting with 20:56 - 21:26 and 07:16 - 07:46 should not be split amongst multiple pages. Since those blocks of data are not able to fit on a single page, they should be kept together and pushed over to the next page.

Both Reports:

#5 Report Item values referencing hidden textboxes are not displaying.

Reports exported to word should look identical, or very simliar to reports exported to .pdf. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.



Are there any updates to the issues we are having?



Hi John,

I am looking into your issue. Please expect a reply in 1-2 days.

Thank you for patience.

Hi John,

Thank you for waiting. Please find attached build of the product. I have tested it against all of the projects you have provided so far, and it seems like all of the issues you reported are eliminated.

Please let me know if any of the problems persist, or if there are new ones appear in the future (which hopefully won't happen). And thank you very much for your valuable contribution to improving the product.


Thank you. From further testing, all of the issues seem to be fixed except for one. Please notice the date reportItem in the header is still referencing an incorrect value. ReportItems should render the last value referenced on a page. In my test project, for both trifold and detailed reports, it looks as though the overall last value is being referenced rather than the last referenced value on a rendered page. Please take a look at the date header values in the last project I've provided and compare the word and SSRS pdf exports.

Example: How reportItems should work.

reportItem should display ref3's value

-- page break --

reportItem should display ref6's value

Currently, reportItems do not work because it looks like reportItems are always referencing the last value (always referencing "ref6" for all pages in this example).


Sorry for that, John. Please find another build attached. It seems like the report items reference problem is eventually addressed.

Let me know if it works now.



The issue seems to be fixed for the Trifold report, but please notice the report item is not displaying dates in the Detailed report. Thanks.


Has there been any updates to the issue? Thanks.

Oops, I actually thought I had provided you with another build. I tested it against different projects and it seems like the issues is finally fixed.

As usual, please feel free to let me know if something is still wrong.


Is there some hot-fix available for these issues?

Tel: 212 500 7817

Is there some hot-fix available for these issues?



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Thanks for your request. Have you tried using the build attached by Dmitry in the previous answer? Also, please attach your rdl and rdl.data files here for testing.

Best regards.