Reports from Access


Hi !

Your examples is based on access reports so do you have some kind of application to read report metadata from access-databases and create xml/xsl/.net files which aspose.pdf can “eat” ? Or do I have write them with my own hand ? :frowning:


Hi, Jason,

Please elaborate…


well well well,

for example, in aspose.pdf demos there is report called catalog. Aspose.pdf use two spesific files to create pdf:
- Demos\xml\catalog.xml
- Demos\Aspose.Pdf.Demos\Catalog.cs

Do you have some application which creates these two files based on report ‘Catalog’ in Microsoft Access database ? Or have you write them from scratch ?

I mean if I want to create pdf-reports from my_own.mdb, how can I do it ?


Hi, Jason,

Thanks for the additional information.

All the c#/vb/xml files in the demos are created by hand, instead of using a tool.

I know what you want. We will provide more database-friendly methods which will enable you to import data from databases more easily.

Currently we plan to implemment ImportDataTable, suggested by

Will that work for you? Would you like to suggest more?

Thanks for your contribution.