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Representing same data in different format: How easy is it?

Using Aspose components, is there an easy way to let user download the same data in several formats? (Word, Excel, PDF)
i.e. can some object be created and then converted to different formats? or is it necessary to write different code for creating object in each format?

Do you have any sample code related to this question?



Good questions.

I just address what-to-be and Roman or other component developers will address workarounds based on current features of those components to satisfy your needs.

We will implement XML reading and writing to support format conversions. Aspose.Word will support WordprocessingML, Aspose.Excel will support SpreadsheetML and Aspose.XSL-FO will support XSL-FO, Doc, Xls and Pdf can be converted to each other by using XSLT. So finally, Aspose.Component will provide interoperability among all major reporting file formats such as doc, xls, pdf, xml, html, etc., like Creating an End-to-End XML Solution with Word 2003 and Excel 2003.

Different formats are not available at the moment, but we are working on it.

First out will be ability to save Word documents in Pdf using Aspose.Word as it is most requested by other customers. ETA is end of April.

There are obviously limits on what you can convert into what. For example it does not make much sense to convert doc into xls or vice versa.

You are welcome to request conversions that you are interested in and it will help us to shape our priorities.

Actually, it makes sence to convert XLS to DOC or PDF.
XLS->DOC (i.e. excel worksheet to word table)
Excel is a better tool for creating tables. When doing things manually it’s usually easier to create, adjust & format table in excel and then copy it to word.
Let’s say you need a complex table in Word, you can create Excel Designer file with the table in it, populate it, and then convert it to DOC. Creating and populating Word Designer file would be more difficult in this case, and Excel Designer will be easier to modify than Word Designer file in the future.
Of course it’s only useful for relatively small tables(up to 50 pages I’d say), but still would save time.

it would be nice to give user an option to download Excel worksheet in PDF format, so that they can print it right away, without worrying about doing page layout etc…

Also it would be nice to allow users to save Excel charts as an image, so that they can be later added to DOC/PDF or just displayed by themselves.

I concur with Igor’s statements, especially the capability of XLS->PDF. This would be a big help in my development efforts. Currently, if the user needs to option of choosing to output a report to Excel or PDF, I have to use Crystal Reports. This is not always a good option when I need to be able to completely define the output at runtime. In such a case, Crystal Reports is not practical. However, Aspose.Excel gives me almost limitless possibilities for dynamic report generation. Being able to then convert to PDF would be a very big help.


I am Madhu and right now I am facing problem with converting Excel data to Word

I have a Excel sheet, where all my data is formatted in cells and now I want to paste that data into Word document, which will become aroung 30 pages in word document.

I am facing this problem for past 10 days.

I just want to paste selected cells data(Nothing but table of Content) in worksheet to Word Document without losing the Format and all.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance


Dear Madhu,

Well, I 'm afraid there is no direct way to perform the task. If you want to extract data with formattings, you may try to iterate the source cells one by one, check each cell to get its data and formattings usng the methods e.g., Cell.getValue and Cell.getStyle(), now paste the values and re-format the data accordingly using Aspose.Words for Java API. There is another alternative i.e. using Cells.exportArray(), but it will only export data without style formattings, check the following doc how you can use this method:


Thank you.

Hi Amjad,

Can you please suggest me, how to get excel properties and assign them to word document.



Hi Madhu,

Well, I 'm not familiar with Aspose.Words for Java APIs but, anyways, we will try to check and give you some solution / option soon.

Thank you.

Hi Amjad,

Thank you very much and I am looking forward for your reply.



Hi Madhu,

Do you mean the properties such as Author, Company, LastSavedBy, ..., and so on? There are BuiltInDocumentProperties and CustomDocumentProperties both in Aspose.Cells and Aspose.Words. I think you can easily get properties from this two Object of Excel(by Worksheets.getBuiltInDocumentProperties(), Worksheets.getCustomDocumentProperties()) and set the properties to corresponding Object of Word(by Document.getBuiltInDocumentProperties(), Document.getCustomDocumentProperties()).