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Requrements Spec on Aspose

Clarification No. Section DSTA Clarification NCS Response
1 Appendix 3 – Compliance to the Requirement Specifications

General Specifications / Scope of Work We would like to clarify whether that the following requirements stated in the technical spes can be met by the proposed tool:

• Support parsing, enumeration and inserting of content at placeholders in Microsoft Word documents.
• Support parsing of Microsoft Word documents for content of a specific style, layout, font, colour, highlighting.
• Support programmatic merging of Microsoft Word documents.
• Support conversion of Microsoft Word Documents to PDF file formats, including PDF/A and PDF 1.5 formats.
• Integrate with the Authority’s OutSystems RAD Platform (.NET stack) and C# applications via .Net APIs.


Thanks for your inquiry. Aspose.Words does support the shared features.

You can move the cursor to the desired location in the document and insert the content according to your requirement. Please refer to the following articles:
Use DocumentBuilder to Insert Document Elements
Using DocumentBuilder to Modify a Document Easily

The formatting is applied on a few different levels. For example, let’s consider formatting of simple text. Text in documents is represented by Run element and a Run can only be a child of a Paragraph. You can apply formatting

  1. to Run nodes by using Character Styles e.g. a Glyph Style,
  2. to the parent of those Run nodes i.e. a Paragraph node (possibly via paragraph Styles)
  3. you can also apply direct formatting to Run nodes by using Run attributes (Font). In this case the Run will inherit formatting of Paragraph Style, a Glyph Style and then direct formatting.

Please read the following article joining Word documents.
Joining and Appending Documents

Please use PdfSaveOptions.Compliance property to specify the PDF standards compliance level for output documents as shown below.

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "in.docx");
PdfSaveOptions options = new PdfSaveOptions();
options.Compliance = PdfCompliance.PdfA1a;
doc.Save(MyDir + "output.pdf", options);

You can use Aspose.Words for .NET where .NET is stalled. Please let us know if you have any more queries.