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Rescheduling an Appointment request

In our application, we create a draft meeting request following the example given in DraftAppointmentRequest.java and save the appointment’s unique id in our database. When the email gets sent, the meeting is added to both the sender and recipient’s calendars, as expected.

We are now looking for a way to reschedule a meeting. Since we have the unique id of the meeting saved, I have tried to accomplish this by setting the unique id of the appointment object as shown below. However, when the message is sent, it creates a new appointment instead of rescheduling the original, even though they have the same unique id.

MailMessage message = new MailMessage(sender, recipient);

Appointment app = new Appointment(“location”, “summary”, “description”, startDate, endDate, organizer, attendees);


MapiMessage msg = MapiMessage.fromMailMessage(message, …);

Is there something that we might be missing? Is there a way to do reschedule an appointment using Aspose?

Thank you,

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for writing to Aspose Support team.

Could you please confirm to us if you are using the API’s Exchange client for sending the meeting? Our documentation article, Working with Calendar Items using IEWSClient, provides sample code to generate, update and delete a calendar item. Please try it at your end and let us know your feedback.

Hi Kashif,

Thank you for responding so quickly.

I had looked at the IEWSClient documentation, but we are not using the API’s exchange client for sending the meeting. Instead, we are creating the meeting invite, then downloading it to our user’s computers as a file so they can open it using Outlook, edit it, and send it at their convenience.

Is there any way to reschedule a call using Aspose that fits this use case?

Thank you,

Hi Lauren,

I am afraid that no such option is available which can be used to update the appointment in this scenario. Please feel free to write us back if you have any other query in this regard.