Resolve value of automatic MaxUnit and MinUnit

When a chart’s axis has MaxUnit and MinUnit set to automatic, I need a way to know what value is actually being used for these properties (like you can see in Excel when looking at an auto property). Something like .MaxUnitAutoValue or something like that. Is there any chance you guys can add this into the chart code?

Mike Gates


If you want to know the automatic MaxUnit and MinUnit, please call chart.Calculate()method first, then you can simply get them by Axis.MajorUnit and Axis.MinorUnit API.

Thank you.

The good news is that this does in fact give me the correct MaxUnit and MinUnit. The bad news is that the .Calculate call messes up the chart image pretty bad. I have posted this problem at:

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Thank you for the feedback.

For you other thread, we have found the issue you mentioned regarding Chart.Calculate() and replied to your thread.

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