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Resolved: Bug: DNS query with trailing dot

Version: 5.5 and 5.6 for .NET 4.0 32bits and 64bits.


I try to send a querymessage to a dns server, but i get 2 errors:
* the first is an exception timeout
* the second is that wireshark said the query is of type “unused” instead of type TXT

I already checked wireshark with a nslookup query.

This is the piece of code:
DnsClient dns = new DnsClient();
QueryMessage query = new QueryMessage(“bla._domainkey.domain.com.”, QueryType.TXT);

if (!dns.Resolve(query))
throw dns.LastException;

Is this a bug or my code is wrong ?

With some debug of the udp frames I remarked that my query with aspose adds a NULL byte (00).

This is due to the trailing “.” which is perfectly managed by nslookup tools.

So with “bla._domainkey.domain.com” string query, that works fine !

I don’t know if this can be considered as a bug now, but it would be great to notice on the doc or manage this case.


Thanks for your inquiry and posting the details. I have logged this bug in our system (ID: 20145). We will look into it further and will inform when it gets fixed or we find an alternate solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.