Resource Availability Dates


Can’t make it work, and how to assign to multiple rows with different units? Thanks.



Thanks for your consideration.

First half of question.
I’m sorry but MPX format don’t support Resource.AvailableFrom and Resource.AvailableTo.
Please read my post
I made short extract from MS documentation about properties which can be stored in MPX.

Second half of question.
If I understood question correctly you can write something like this:

[ C# ]
ResourceAssignment assignment1 = task2.AddResourceAssignment(resource1);
ResourceAssignment assignment2 = task3.AddResourceAssignment(resource1);
ResourceAssignment assignment3 = task4.AddResourceAssignment(resource1);
ResourceAssignment assignment4 = task5.AddResourceAssignment(resource1);
ResourceAssignment assignment5 = task6.AddResourceAssignment(resource2);
ResourceAssignment assignment6 = task7.AddResourceAssignment(resource2);

[ VB ]
Dim assignment1 As ResourceAssignment = task2.AddResourceAssignment(resource1)
Dim assignment2 As ResourceAssignment = task3.AddResourceAssignment(resource1)
Dim assignment3 As ResourceAssignment = task4.AddResourceAssignment(resource1)
Dim assignment4 As ResourceAssignment = task5.AddResourceAssignment(resource1)
Dim assignment5 As ResourceAssignment = task6.AddResourceAssignment(resource2)
Dim assignment6 As ResourceAssignment = task7.AddResourceAssignment(resource2)

Units of each assignment can be different.