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Restrict number of times a document may be viewed

Is it possible to restrict the number of times a PDF document can be viewed?

My company uses a .Net system to help them search for and retrieve PDFs. The system will merge PDFs together and place a watermark on them. I have also used the PDF.Kit to disallow printing. I was hoping that there is an ability to set the number of times a PDF can be viewed as well.

The system creates temporary PDFs so it would only need to be viewed one time.

My company would like to make sure if the PDFs are attached to Emails or saved as a new file name that it can not be opened.

If this is not a possibility, would you have any suggestions on how the PDF.Kit could achieve something similar?

Again our ultimate goal is to allow the temporary PDF to be viewed only once and after that its useless.

Thank you for any help.

Hi Andrew,

I’m afraid, your requirement can’t be fulfilled using Aspose.Pdf.Kit at the moment. However, if you could share a little more details, our team might try to investigate whether this would be feasible according to PDF Specification and then we’ll try to provide support for this feature in our future versions.

In fact, you want to restrict the PDF file so that it can be viewed only a specified number of times and after that it is locked, so that the user is unable to view it again. Is that correct?

Please share your thoughts, so we could further look into this requirement.

That is correct that I would only want the user to view the PDF document a limited number of times. This was a hopeful solution to my main problem. My company has a large number of sensitive documents that need to be viewed by many that work here but these documents must stay on our network.

After the PDF has been used once I either need to make the PDF useless (not viewable) or not accessible to be saved in a new location or used as an attachment in an email.

We have actually received PDF documents that have been restricted only to be viewed from the computer that first opened it. That would be another solution to my main issue.

Would you have any suggestions on how I might be able to accomplish this with the PDF.Kit? Are there any other Aspose products that might be able to accomplish this task?

Thank you

Hi Andrew,

I’m sorry to inform you that this feature is currently not supported; however, I have logged a new feature request as PDFKITNET-18984 in our issue tracking system. Our team needs to investigate it. We’ll update you via this forum thread once it is supported in our future versions.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.